Slot machine test: Silverball

Silverball gives you the chance to get some distance from the slot machines with rollers. At least a little bit, because even in Silverball it comes to form rows. But not same icons that have become series, but bingo, where numbers balls be drawn are the basis for the game. The difference to the roller machine consists, inter alia, that you one from the outset or in Silverball have four playing cards, also can not be altered in the round. Now, you have to hope the right balls to be drawn what has of course also something of Lotto. The game, the among other things in the Star Games Casino be played, because very many numbers must be accommodated is therefore also a rather simple design,. But it is not confusing and so a game may not harm certainly. The chances are not too bad and also a jackpot is. Silverball is playing, but is fun and even exciting in.

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Silverball play online

To the normal machine with reels and symbols, there is quite a difference, who has but once played bingo, will have no problems with this. An advantage of the slots is also that you have several options. So, you can choose the number of cards in addition to the usage with which you play. In addition, you have the choice, or would you just show the end result can be the balls fly in separately see in the slower mode. Quickly becomes clear when Silverball, that is certainly no match for the nursing home.

To play, you have to login into the Online Casino and can get started right now. You see a four-card, where three sets of numbers can be seen, a total of five columns long. Your game card in each round are and to see are the numbers that you should get as far as possible. Clearance in the balls will fall as soon as you start the game is under and between the cards. After the balls drop down and determine which numbers on the card are marked.

The slot game symbols in the Silverball online slot

One each round aims to collect as many rows of five numbers which lie horizontally on the cards. Once a ball is dropped, the corresponding number on the card is marked, if it exists there. When a series is complete, there is profit. Theoretically, you can make multiple win lines in a round and also on several cards. You have to pay usage per card. The advantage of Silverball is, that already a number sufficient to restore the use of the round. A double, so two rows, put one hundred times by the individual card usage. Your bet is increased by factor of 1,000 if you make three lines on a map, what is a bingo.

Before a round begins, you can click on the cards and thus change the numbers. Theoretically you have so that for example the possibility to adjust the maps of each round to achieve a high income with certain numbers. A click on mixing in the lower bar will still completely new cards. The changing of the numbers will cost you no use in Silverball. Once you're ready, you can start the round. You can make a bingo with maximum of 30 balls, you crack the jackpot of Silverball.

Slot machines instructions from Silverball

With a registration you can throw yourself directly in the thriving life of Silverball. At the beginning, it is certainly better to play once small bets to get. In addition to the normal start the Turbo function at the slots available, which immediately ends the round and you can see whether you've successfully made pay-line suits you.

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